Dealing With Pelvic Floor Tension: Stretches You Can Try at Home

Chronic and persistent pain in your pelvic region can be extremely challenging to deal with, and it’s hard to pinpoint a specific cause for it. Many factors come into play, so it’s crucial to discuss the probable causes of the symptoms with a doctor or therapist specializing in pelvic health. As you try to find the nearest pelvic health specialist, though, here is a list of pelvic floor stretches recommended by specialists.

A little background on the exercises 

These exercises are designed to loosen the tension around your pelvic area. After a hot bath or shower, you may opt to do these simple yet effective ways to relax and ease the pain. It is recommended that you do these in an environment wherein you can concentrate on your breathing and body position as you stretch. Paying attention to your body during these exercises is important because you will need to acknowledge if you’re tensing your pelvic floor—you must be able to relax it.

Correct breathing is also key to these exercises because you’ll need to pair the stretches up with deep belly breathing, otherwise known as diaphragmatic breathing. To do this, you must take in air through your nose, fill your belly with air, then slowly and passively let out air through either your nose or mouth. 

Be mindful of your belly—it must rise as you inhale and recede as you exhale. Do not try to force your breathing, and try not to put tension to your head, neck, and shoulders. They must remain relaxed as you go along. Also, you may feel a degree of tension in your chest area, but don’t fret, because with enough practice, you’ll be better and these will feel much easier. Read on to orient yourself and get going!

Exercise #1: Spinal twist 

  1. Grab a bolster pillow (or any large pillow), sit sideways, and bend your knees.
  2. Make sure that your right shin rests at the arch of your left foot and that your left hip is tight against the bolster.
  3. Raise your breast bone, sit up tall, and carefully twist to the left to face the bolster.
  4. After this, gently lower yourself until your left cheek meets and rests on the bolster.
  5. You can also modify the twist to be more intense and challenging by carefully turning your head to the left so that your right cheek meets the bolster. Make sure that you do this only if your neck feels comfortable as you twist it.
  6. Take five to ten deep belly breaths and repeat the same procedures on the other side.

Exercise #2: Abdominal Stretch

  1. On the floor or on a mat, lie face down with your hands planted to the ground by your shoulders.
  2. Take a deep breath and send pressure towards your pelvic floor and gently towards the back of your rib cage.
  3. As you breathe out, push your body up by pressing the floor with your hands. Make sure that your lower back feels no tension as you keep the front of your pelvis facing the floor.
  4. Take five deep breaths and repeat.

Exercise #3: Groin & Pelvic Floor Stretch 

  1. Again, you may use a bolster or large pillow for this exercise, although you may opt to do this exercise without it if it isn’t comfortable for your back.
  2. Sit down and place your hands on your belly, with your back against the pillow. From there, gently lower your body until your back is resting on top of the pillow.
  3. Let the bottom of your feet press against each other, so your knees can open comfortably to the side.
  4. If this posture is too challenging for your legs and you feel a lot of tension in your thighs, you may use pillows under your knees for extra support.
  5. Take 15-20 deep belly breaths in this posture.


Pain and tension in your pelvic floor can affect your daily functioning, but there are ways to reduce these. While you try and find the root of the symptoms of your pelvic floor pain with the help of a specialist, you can alleviate the symptoms with the help of these simple exercises you can do at home or anywhere comfortable.

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