Competitor Trade-in Program

My Promise to You: I will give you 100% credit for any product towards the Kegelmaster.

The Kegelmaster™ was the first product of its kind on the market, first sold in 1997. Kegelmaster™ was marketed and founded years before any of the other look-alike-products. There are products that may look like the Kegelmaster™ or may appear to have the same features as the Kegelmaster, but don’t be fooled by these products that have tried to copy the Kegelmaster™.

As a woman, we all know how good copies of things turn out. You can always tell by the low price. They are cheap imitations. A woman that truly cares about herself deserves the best. This is why you deserves the #1 Doctor recommended product of its kind in the world, the Kegelmaster™.

The Kegelmaster™ is the only product on the market that has been tested and approved by the FDA to produce 15 different strength exercise settings that start at 1.3 lbs. and go up to 14.8 lbs. We also have an FDA approved, patented safety adjustment that allows the user to set the Kegelmaster™ at an infinite number of personalized muscle extension settings. No other product on the market has this FDA approved feature. As a woman, I feel this is one of the most important features of the Kegelmaster™.

It has been brought to my attention by many women, who have bought other products which have tried to copy some of the incredible features of the Kegelmaster™, that these products will not extend (open) their muscles when inserted. The muscles must be extended in order to get a full contraction (closure).  This makes these products useless and a total waste of your money.

Here is something we women need to remember: the price of a quality product which works is soon forgotten; whereas, the price of an inferior product that doesn’t work is remembered forever. We at Kegelmaster are sorry that you have spent your money and time on these inexpensive, inferior, look-a-like copies. We at Kegelmaster are willing to make it up to you and give you the chance to change your life.

Call me, Danette Clancy, at Kegelmaster™ LTD, 352-625-2156 or email me at and I will give you FULL CREDIT for what you paid toward the purchase of a new Kegelmaster™. All you need to have when you call or email is your proof of purchase and the product you bought.

  • Femtone
  • Pelvic Toner
  • FeminX
  • Kegel Exerciser
  • GynoFlex
  • KegelPro
  • Epi-no
  • Super Kegel
  • Kegel Balls (all types)
  • Kegel Exercise Weights
  • Ben Wa Balls
  • Thigh Master
  • iStim v2 Probe Kegel
  • Magic Motion Kegel Ball
  • ACVIOO Kegel Balls
  • Vaginal Cones
  • Elvie Trainer Exerciser
  • K-fit Kegel Toner
  • 99% of products on the internet are useless for vaginal exercise as you will find out when you purchase one. Do not be fooled to think your saving money over the kegelmaster. The 1% is the kegelmaster!

I have tried all of these products and have found them all inferior. The first 6 were so weak that they would not even extend my pelvic muscles on their strongest setting. The Super Kegel is for those women that will believe anything and buy it. If you would like to discuss any of these products with me personally, you may call me (Danette Clancy) at my private number, 352-625-2156. In fact, I am so convinced that you will be satisfied with our product, Kegelmaster™, LTD will offer you a five hundred percent (500%) Money Back Guarantee on our product if it is not 100% more effective than any other product of its kind on the market.

President Kegelmaster™ LTD