A Step-by-Step Guide to Reverse Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises can be difficult to master, especially since you cannot see the parts you are supposed to be working out. Women are particularly interested in it, though, since the popular notion is that it is a way to naturally tighten the vagina fast. If regular Kegels are a challenge, imagine having to do reverses! Reverse Kegels are an actual exercise; they help you relax and extend your PC and pelvic floor muscles. Both men and women can perform this exercise.

Men can build strength and stamina through reverse Kegels. It helps alleviate problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. For women, reverse Kegels relaxes the pubococcygeus or PC muscle. Control over this area is vital when a woman is giving birth.

For both men and women, though, reverse Kegels help prevent constipation and the buildup of pressure in the pelvic area. 

It also helps people with dyspareunia enjoy a healthy sex life. Dyspareunia is a medical condition that results in painful intercourse, and as many as one in ten people suffer from it. Kegel exercises help people gain control over their pelvic muscles—whether you have a medical condition or not, control of the pelvic area helps people know their own body’s sexual responses. This is a vital part of having satisfying, long-term intimate relationships.

Locating the PC muscles

To do a proper reverse Kegel exercise, you have to know where to find your PC muscle. This is a hammock-like structure stretching from the pubic bone to the tailbone. This supports all your pelvic organs, controls urine flow, and affects the intensity of orgasms. 

The term ‘PC muscle’ is used interchangeably with ‘pelvic floor muscles,’ but these are actually distinct areas. They work together and are in the same region, though, which is why they can be mistaken for each other. 

When you learn how to isolate your PC muscle, you can train it to tense and relax whenever you want. The stronger your muscle becomes, the better you will be at getting them to ease. Using an FDA-approved Kegel device will help you locate this area faster.

How to perform reverse Kegels

Relaxing your pelvic floor can help you locate the muscles to exercise. Relaxing these muscles feels similar to the sensation right before urinating or eliminating waste. It is good to empty your bowels before performing these exercises, to avoid accidents. You should also remember to breathe properly—whether you’re on the treadmill, lifting weights, or doing Kegels, it’s never a good idea to hold your breath when you are exercising.

Step one: regular Kegels

Perform a regular Kegel—you should be familiar with the sensations if you have a training device with you. Squeeze your PC muscle as you normally would, but pay attention to the feeling of release. This is what you want to replicate for reverse Kegels. Note that this release is not yet the full extent of what you would feel with an actual reversal.

Step two: release and stretch

A full reverse Kegel requires your muscles to stretch completely, and be at the maximum that they can be released. When you tense your PC muscle for a Kegel, slowly release it for the reverse, instead of just letting go like you would normally. Feel the muscle elongate. It can be hard to train your muscles for this movement at first, but be patient. You can lie down so you can focus on the way the muscle is supposed to move.

Step three: repeat

Once you have mastered the reverse Kegel, you should perform it again. Like Kegels, it is only effective if you do it regularly. You can begin with three reps of three reversals every day, and observe the effects over the first few weeks.


Kegels and reversals help you take control of your urogenital responses. To help you learn how to do Kegels correctly, invest in a device that gives you the biofeedback necessary to identify the proper muscle movements.

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