4 Ways of Exercising Your Pelvic Floor Muscles – What to Know

The weakening of the pelvic muscles brings so many inconveniences. Having weak pelvic floor muscles can result in pelvic floor problems, such as sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse, and urinary and fecal incontinence. 

Even so, women with pelvic floor problems shouldn’t be worried because there is a way to fix this. Through some kegel exercises, you’d be able to rehabilitate your pelvic floor in no time. 

There are many ways to rehabilitate your pelvic floor, but here are some methods you can try:

1. Do It on Your Own

Kegel exercises are easy and can be done anytime, anywhere. You can do the contract and relax kegel exercise whenever you want to. 

Start by contacting your pelvic floor muscles for three to five seconds. Relax for the next three to five seconds. Then, repeat the contract and relax cycle for ten more times. You can gradually increase the length of your contraction and relaxation. Just make sure to keep other muscles, such as your leg, buttock, and abdomen, relaxed while performing this.

DIY exercises, although easy, can be challenging. Since you do it on your own, you might tend to forget, or you may experience a lack of motivation to continue. Remember, though that performing the contraction kegel exercise will ensure the strengthening of your pelvic floor and will lessen the risk of a leak. 

2. Manual Exercise

This option will require a knowledgable practitioner to help you. In this method, the health professional inserts a vaginal tactus inside you. Through this, the health professional can thoroughly evaluate your pelvic muscles’ condition. The professional will then help you stimulate the area in need through using her fingers. She will perform stretching and resistance exercises to your pelvic floor muscles manually.

Although this isn’t the most comfortable method, it can be a good start for you to understand how and where the contraction should happen inside your body.

3. Electrostimulation

You can perform this on your own or with the help of a professional. In this method, you use a vaginal probe that spreads electric currents, strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor. 

This method is often recommended for people with a loose pelvic floor. With the help of the vaginal probe, you will no longer contract your pelvic floor on your own. The feeling may not be pleasant for some women, especially for highly sensitive ones. 

4. Biofeedback

There are modern devices called biofeedback that directly measure and show you the strength of your pelvic muscles. This device also produces a sound or visual information to notify you when to contract and when to relax your muscles. Your exercise can change according to the real-time assessment the device provides.

Using biofeedback helps women understand her current pelvic condition and how her contractions and rest affect her pelvic muscles. 

Before going through this method, make sure you know how to do the contraction and relax exercise properly. 


No matter what method you use, make sure to perform these vaginal exercises regularly. The more often you exercise, the stronger your muscles will become. The stronger your muscles, the more resistance you can manage!

To make it more effective, work with a kegel machine you can trust.  

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