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Society teaches us that certain subjects are taboo. Millions of women suffer in silence with no hope of a solution to their medical condition. This is a problem that affects relationships and quality of life. Incontinence has reached epidemic proportions. Now with the Kegelmaster women no longer have to suffer.

Ladies, with all the love in my heart I can guarantee that if you give my product a chance it will change your lives as it did for me and many other women for over 20 years. Now you can pick up that grandbaby, laugh hard at that joke, cough and sneeze away, and sit in a 3 hour movie with no fear of accidents anymore. Live your life the way it was intended.

100% lifetime replacement warranty on the product.

Danette Clancy

President -Physicians Choice. USA


“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…”

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The Kegelmaster Manufacturer’s 100% Warranty

The Kegelmaster was the first product of its kind on the market, first sold in 1997. Kegelmaster was marketed and founded years before any of the other look-alike-products. There are products that may look like the Kegelmaster or may appear to have the same features as the Kegelmaster, but don’t be fooled by these products that have tried to copy the Kegelmaster. As a woman we all know how good copies of things turn out. You can always tell by the low price. They are cheap imitations. A woman that truly cares about herself deserves the best. This is why you deserve the #1 Doctor recommended product of its kind in the world, the Kegelmaster.

It has been brought to my attention by many women, who have bought other products which have tried to copy some of the incredible features of the Kegelmaster, that these products will not extend (open) their muscles when inserted. The muscles must be extended in order to get a contraction (closure).This makes these products useless and a total waste of your money. Here is something we women need to remember, the price of a quality product which works is soon forgotten; whereas, the price of an inferior product that doesn’t work is remembered forever. We at Kegelmaster are sorry that you have spent your money and time on these inexpensive, inferior, look-alike copies.

If Kegelmaster is not more effective than a similar product in the market such as those listed below please call me Danette Clancy (President) at Kegelmaster Inc, 1-352-625-2156 for a full refund. All you need to have when you call is your proof of purchase and the product you bought.


My Story

I was first introduced to the Kegelmaster when I started working for Kegelmaster, Inc. back in 1997. After I had a hysterectomy, at the age of 24, I started noticing urine leakage when I laughed, coughed or sneezed. I didn’t know this was called incontinence. I thank God that I tried the Kegelmaster. The Kegelmaster has changed my life, and will also change yours. Not only did the urinary incontinence stop, but I started experiencing longer and more intense orgasms. This has been a sexual awakening. I want every woman to know the importance of this product and its ability to help them to take control of their incontinence and sexual well being. This product has been a life changing experience for every woman I have spoken with. Take the first step in changing your life, by ordering the Kegelmaster from this official Kegelmaster website.

It is Time For You to Take Better Care of Yourself and Improve the Quality of Your Life – It is Time for the Kegelmaster!

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